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Welcome to Starry Sole Photos

Your One-Stop Indulgence site for Photographic Art based on the beauty   of dance shoes.

     Starry Sole Photos - Where dancing defines art!

Welcome to Starry Sole Photos

My love affair with dance shoes merges with photography to produce extraordinary works of art to be displayed singularly or in groups.

The work centers on the concept of the beloved dance shoe telling a story of anticipation and fantasy in a totally unique way.  I hope you agree that these captivating shots endeavor to explore emotions involved in dance and present as wonderfully colorful and inexpensive art for the non-dancer as well.

Each piece is a digitally designed, high-quality, and completely original photograph. I use fine luster, thick paper with high luminosity to deliver colors that pop. The resulting images are crisp and clear so you can enjoy them for years.  I am confident that you will love each purchase.   There will be released two or three collections per year; my current one is entitled:  “The Romance One Collection." 

Commissions, of course, can be arranged. Sizes can be redone, bespoke compositions of particular colors, etc. Be aware, though, that posters can get quite expensive.  Also, they are not typically printed on archival paper, which lowers your cost substantially.

All material posted on this site is the sole ownership of the artist.  No permission is granted to any individuals to reproduce, sell, trade, or use in any artistic installations any of this material just because it is online; written consent by the artist must be given beforehand.

What I Offer

Traditional Shoe Art Photos

I have a collection of easily deciphered works of art centered around gorgeous dance shoes and the feelings I share when getting ready to dance. The story portrayed is primarily that of embracing the love of dance and the emotions involved.

Posterized Prints

My collection turns to the use of digital forums in order to produce photos.  Some of these may be more suitable in big print for larger wall spaces, such as studios, or stores in a large, poster format.

Digital Artwork

Photos captured on a digital card are reformatted to produce evocative images, whether immediately recognizing the dance shoe component or not, in a way that inspires and gives joy.  Look for specialized papers in The Exhibit section.


All 8” x 10” photos are $14.99.  Please add on  NYS tax (.09 %) and shipping ($4.95).  Total is $22 per print.  Additional sizes are available. Due to Covid shipping delays and increased costs, prices are too confusing to display.  Please contact  directly for your needs.  My commitment is to provide you excellent, inexpensive wall art in a manner that attracts repeat business.   See you soon!

Mission Statement

I wish to make people happy like my dancing makes me happy by sharing my work with you and your loved ones.

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