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Starry Sole Photos

A Unique Interpretation

of My Love for Dance

About the Artist 

Hi! I'm Catherine Dopp, living in Kenmore, NY., a suburb of Buffalo, where I raised my family. When I was introduced to tango, it was love at first dance. I went back to school for my Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Therapies.  I started a Meetups Group called Buffalo Latin Dancers to help spread the joy of tango alongside other Latin dances in our communities. My studies culminated with a Master’s Degree titled Argentine Tango – How it Alleviates Stress in 2018; thus began my Tango Wellness career.  Photography has always been a favorite pastime of mine, and naturally, I moved to photographing our favorite dance shoes. Then came COVID. I began serious dance compositions as a method to recreate preparing for an evening of tango or ballroom or salsa.  Right now I'm even studying Bomba! The thing is to get out there and you might as well wear good shoes!  In fact, Our shoes are tools; they help us navigate safely and beautifully. The reality is these shoes can give the dancers not only physical strength,, but the encouragement to be brave in their movements across the dance floor. That’s why we buy them; they empower us.

I often ask people if they dream in color because my dreams are continuously vivid like my photography, or say an evening or afternoon of dance. I hope you enjoy my versions of the dance shoe and all that its fantasies entail.

Thank you for checking out Starry Sole Photos. 

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