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Art Exhibit

Included here are images from my current exhibit. They are prints of pure color and light reflecting on many dreams and memories that I hope will elicit intimate feelings of joy and serenity.  All are printed on non-photographic, high quality, specialty papers you will be proud to display or gift.

Metallic Prints

Shots of pop with low-gloss metallic  and pearlescent papers that elevates the finished product.

Linen Prints

Consists of exquisitely soft, pastel, and low-gloss matte prints.

Specialty Papers

Varied, non-photographic papers that evoke the best finish for the print. These include premium cover papers, soft gloss matte, and various parchment and pearlescents.

I chose the best for you; 

you will love them!


Prints that look especially great as large-size posters. Contact me for information on these or any prints you would like enlarged.

Snippet Art

Sometimes, my work takes a completely different directive where people struggle to find the shoe. This is where those photos are stored. They are primarily whimsical, vibrant, and have explosions of color. I hope you enjoy them.

Need to place a special order for any of these prints?

Send your requested specifications on the Contact Me Page for further discussion.


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