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Starry Sole Photos

When an order is placed we redirect to Paypal. You will immediately be sent an email receipt. Be sure picture titles are listed on receipts!  Picture titles, set up within folders and placement in their respective grids, can be accessed on all pages by using our drop down buttons. Clicking "more" under item description allows titles of pictures purchased to be listed on your checkout page.  Please be sure to print out your checkout receipt with titles listed for easy reference.

Bini Diri





Comme Il Faut

Mr. Tango

International Diamond

Red Bow

Metallic Prints

Linen Prints

Specialty Papers


Snippet Art

About Shopping.....

We currently supply to US customers only and can accept payment through PayPal only on this site.

Overseas Customers: If you desire any of these prints, please contact me to discuss variable rates. 

Rest assured all personal data is kept confidential and secure in the checkout process.

We strive for a simple, no-worries checkout.

All 8 x 10 prints are $22.00 total.- $14.99 + Tax & Shipping

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